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Download these apps for a hassle-free Costa Rican vacation

There’s a lot to remember when you’re getting ready for your vacation in Costa Rica; smartphone applications can make your trip better and easier.

When gearing up for your Costa Rica vacation, flights need to be booked; an airport transfer or a car rental needs to be arranged, and accommodations must be reserved. When traveling through Costa Rica, you’ll want to get directions, find restaurants and perhaps book tours and activities; or, just find out which are the best.

If you have an unlocked smart phone, its a good idea to pick up a local SIM card at the Kolbi kiosk in the airport when you land; for about $20 you’ll have plenty of data to last you for up to a month. Otherwise, hotspots are easy to find in just about every restaurant, hotel or bar; just ask the staff to give you the ” Internet clave” (wifi password).

These smartphone apps can help you navigate all the details, directions, and communications for your trip to Costa Rica.

Tripit—the itinerary app

Planning and booking your trip is difficult enough, sharing your itinerary can be frustrating and tedious as well. Relatively new, Tripit makes it easy to organize all the details and to keep track of confirmations. As you make your vacation plans, Tripit automatically generates a master itinerary.

The app works with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo and automatically forwards any updates. Tripit has two platforms—iOS and Android, including Apple Watch and Android Wear. The app works on your smartphone or any of your devices with a web browser.

You can share all or part of your itinerary with friends and family at home, as well as with your traveling companions. Travel made simple for a little more than $4/month ($49/year).

Waze—the road app

Sign up for Waze to get real-time information about traffic and road conditions. Waze, the largest app of this type, relies on user-based traffic and navigation reports to warn of traffic delays caused by accidents, road hazards, or the weight of traffic during rush hour.

It all works from your smartphone, Apple or Android, automatically monitoring and relaying your progress on the road. It will even suggest alternative routes. The reporting is faster than Google maps and, in fact, most Uber drivers rely on Waze because of its speed and accuracy in getting the information to you.

WhatsApp—the keep in touch app

With free encrypted messaging (data charges may apply), WhatsApp allows you to be in touch with the folks at home or other members of your party via your smartphone—without incurring long distance or international charges. In addition to messaging, you can share documents, pictures, and videos (100 mb limit); customize your notifications, and send to groups of up to 265 people simultaneously. WhatsApp works on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms, as well as on Mac or Windows PCs.

Uber—the getting around app

Vacation ride-sharing is a sure bet now that Uber is up and driving in Costa Rica. Simply enter your destination on your smartphone. No more guesswork about the availability and price of taxis. You know who your driver is and how much it will cost. You’ll even have the option to rate your driver (and he can rate you) and decide how much to tip, if applicable. Use your iPhone or Android smartphone to download the app.

Vacations in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world, fun as they are, can be hectic. Fortunately, there’s an app for that!



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